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All About Fall Color

Everyone seems to love the fall. It’s a time when the weather cools off and people can spend more time outdoors. Fall provides the much needed relief from the sultry dog days of summer. People can switch from their frappes to warm coffee again. Halloween decorations appear on the shelves, and kids forget that summer […]


The Best Ways to Use Your Fall Apples

As the leaves on your trees start to change colors, you may notice that more and more apples are emerging in your local markets. There are late in the season apple trees that produce fruit just in time for the cooler weather and Halloween festivities. While Pumpkins seem to be the most popular fruit by […]


Growing Zones and Their Limits

One question that I frequently hear is, “Will this plant grow in my zone?” The Zone Hardiness Map can really be helpful factor in answering this question. The zone hardiness map determines which growing zones plants will grow in based off of each zone’s average temperature lows. The map serves as a basic guide to inform […]


When, Why and How to Plant in the Fall

Realistically with enough love and care you can plant a new tree or plant any time of the year as long as your ground isn’t frozen. Some seasons are a little more stressful to plant in than others, but fall is arguably the best time to plant. Why Plant in the fall? In the fall […]


Grow your Own Privacy Fence for a Backyard Retreat

Block out your neighbors and relax comfortably in your back yard after planting privacy trees. Privacy Trees will quickly transform your yard into your personal get away and provide you with many relaxing benefits. Well, what are privacy trees? Privacy Trees are trees that grow into a thick solid wall to block out neighbors and […]


Benefits of Pruning Summer Fruit Trees

The idea of pruning your Fruit Trees in summer may seem a little odd, but this practice is actually very beneficial. Pruning your Fruit Trees in the summer can improve the overall health of your trees, give your trees a longer life span, and give you a bigger fruit harvest next season. This pruning process […]